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The idea of Players is to provide a platform to the current generation of global nomads who hop from city to city and country to country, to find company and continue their hobbies. For an extrovert this might not be a problem but for an introvert to find a partner, and then mustering up all their courage to ask a complete stranger to join them for a game or practicing music, is always a daunting task. So, Scketch had to identify all the information that is required for finding a partner, and then identify the problems that are usually faced by the users of such socializing apps, so that they can keep their passion for their favourite sport/hobby alive and mobile.



To build a mobile application, which:

  • Provides information of people with similar interest and skill level of a chosen sport or hobby.
  • Provides information about nearby recreational centres related to the chosen sport/hobby.
  • Allows to create and manage events while simultaneously communicating with the interested members.
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development


  • Ensured that the application has a "call to action" style of guidance which will steer them throughout the application experience.
  • Built a chat feature which can handle and has a scale as large as WhatsApp, to reduce the dependence on third party application.
  • Hosted the application on AWS cloud and the chat feature on Google cloud for better management and cost reduction.

Wireframes & Screens

Players Wireframe Players UI Design

Type & Colours

Players Font Style


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