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Parents are in a constant tug of war between dedicating time and earning for their kids, in a world, where the inflation is always on the rise. This competitive world steals their empathy, patience and understanding for their children. The instantaneous answer for success has always been, “Join the rat race”. But we all know how injuriously it shatters the dreams and uniqueness of the kids. Panchatantra felt with its experienced crew, can be the perfect solution to solve this major parenting problem, by becoming the bridge between the parents and their kids to fill the ever-growing gaps.



  • Panchatantra wanted a logo which conveys their mission.
  • Emphasizes on the soul of the organization, which is, value of freedom and education.
  • Should imbibe, highlight, and depict their tagline, "We are the nature".
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development


The logo had to project two important vision nouns of Panchatantra. Freedom and their freedom provider, education in the right direction. This was highlighted in the following style:

  • Freedom: Bird is the universal symbol of freedom. They fly high to reach the sky, just as how Panchatantra wants the children to be. Therefore, a bird was used as the base or skeleton on which further design has to implemented. Bird was chosen as the soul for our logo.
  • Education: Book and pencil have been the universally accepted symbol of Education. Also, an open book perfectly sketches the outline of a flying bird. As if, books were always meant to be the soul sister of a bird. Therefore, an open-book with a pencil in the negative space would be the best representation of "Education for freedom", the mission of Panchatantra.

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From the Client

UI UX Design Studio, Web App Development Company
Rama Krishna CEO, Panchatantra

Scketch delivered a unique combination of creative approach and innovative design. They have impressed us with their ability to transform a budding idea into a completely evolved project. We are really happy that we collaborated with a team which consistently exceed your expectations. They immerse themselves completely to get you an unmatched brand identity.