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Queue is synonymous to imbalanced ratio of investment of time to be spent and our inclination to spend the required time. Unfortunately, before the advent of internet and technology, this was a necessary evil. NoQ wanted to solve this problem across all sectors for the people. So, now, instead of wasting your time waiting in a queue, you can get other important tasks done.



The NoQ team wanted a logo which instantly connects with the users and voices their vision at a glance.

Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development


 We designed the logo using the primary color blue. Blue was selected as it signifies:

  • Tranquility – Queue brings impatience and agitation. The color pacifies the user and makes them feel calm.
  • Universality – The company wants their concept to be implemented across all sectors and platforms. Therefore, this color was selected as blue is universally inviting to everyone.
  • Security – Regardless of the purpose of a concept, security plays a deciding factor for the success or the downfall of it. Blue represents security. Hence, this color tells the user that the application is reliable and worth their trust.

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NOQ Logo


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From the Client

UI UX Design Agency, Mobile App Development Company
Pravalika Manyam Co-founder, NoQ

Our experience working with Scketch Logo design team was perfect. We are completely satisfied with their efforts and results for our product logo. I would definitely recommend Scketch.