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The lack of swift and easy financial aids have always been a huge problem in the Indian financial sector. IndiaLends craftily uses technology to solve this problem. It provides an online platform to connect borrowers with lenders, for offering various financial products, like, unsecured loans, credit cards etc. With Series A funding from American Express ventures, DSG Consumer Partners, Chinese investment firm Cyber Carrier and AdvantEdge Partners, this fintech company is creating a buzz all around the globe.



Blog page of a website is one of the most underrated and overlooked sections. IndiaLends understood the importance of it because finance is a complex topic to comprehend. To encourage, engage and educate about finance, they wanted to modify and improve the UI/UX of their blog page. Earlier, the blog page was too cluttered and had poor navigation They wanted to transform their blog section to be inviting and elegant.

Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development


Scketch understands and researches on web user's habits and experiences extensively. When a user comes across an article on an electronic device, they do not "read", they "scan". Applying this basic web-reading principle, following steps were taken:

  • The complexity of the topic made it essential to pay additional attention to the UI and UX of the blog. Therefore, we decided to play with a web reader's best friend, White Space. Adding white space, comforts the user's eye by giving the breathing space to it.
  • Augmenting the user experience by adding cross-navigation for users to get the desired/relevant information on-the-go.
  • To prevent the user from feeling lost during their webpage journey, it's critical to provide direction to the user. Hence, we ensured that the call to action buttons are added at the ideal locations.
  • In a finance blog-page, text will have higher presence ratio than images. So, it is necessary to choose readable fonts and colors which are soothing to eyes, which leads to longer engagement. We chose Open Sans as our font type and Dim Grey as font color. As black on white background is harsh on the eyes.

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