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Foxpers is a company which uses high-end technologies efficiently to add new zeal in users’ life. They believe in filling the existing gaps of the world using the power of technology . Using the muscle of Internet of Things (IoT), they want to make the world simpler, better and unify it with a stronger connection.



To build a website which

  • attracts millennials
  • is distinctive and contemporary
  • voices their vision precisely
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development
Indialends - UI UX Design, Web App Development


The website's target audience belongs to a younger age bracket. Therefore, our objective while designing the website was set around our 4S modernism model :

  • Sharp: Created a balanced content to graphics ratio for a longer attention span.
  • Smart: Built the website as a one-page HTML template which is lightweight.
  • Snappy: Ensured that the loading time is less by using Nginx Cache and increasing the snappiness of the website.
  • Stylish: Made the navigation unconventional and artfully stylish. We also ensured that the graphics designed were neat, confident and ultra-modern.

Foxpers chose us as their Technology Partner. Therefore, careful planning had to be done to ensure that the vision of the client is articulated uniformly throughout the development of products. Hence, we worked on the RTT model (Recruit, Train and Transfer) for the technology resources.

In this, we hired the resources who'd be the finest fit for the Foxpers' team. Followed by their training for three months and transfer to Foxpers.


Foxpers - Web App Development, Digital Build, UI UX Design Agency

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From the Client

UI UX Design Studio, Web App Development Company
Gautham Kumar CEO, Foxpers

Our experience with Scketch has been incredible. We were impressed by their ability to thoroughly understand us and deliver a mobile app that’s user friendly and technically innovative. For their great adaptability skills and commitment to go an extra mile, we recommend Scketch.