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United Finance

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Established in 2010, United Finance is an European multi-national company providing product as a service. Amid the constant change in technology and every companies' desire to equip with the latest products, comes the monetary constraint. This is where this FinTech company steps in to provide essential products in the form of service. They understand the..

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Bored with usual style of attendance? Yes, we do know it's important for the business, but adding a little warmth to anything makes a whole new experience. So, we planned to have a simple system where our highly energetic employees can announce their arrival in style and receive a warm welcome to the office. So..

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Queue is synonymous to imbalanced ratio of investment of time to be spent and our inclination to spend the required time. Unfortunately, before the advent of internet and technology, this was a necessary evil. NoQ wanted to solve this problem across all sectors for the people. So, now, instead of wasting your time waiting in a queue, you..

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The lack of swift and easy financial aids have always been a huge problem in the Indian financial sector. IndiaLends craftily uses technology to solve this problem. It provides an online platform to connect borrowers with lenders, for offering various financial products, like, unsecured loans, credit cards etc. With Series A funding from American Express..

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Mobile App

The idea of Players is to provide a platform to the current generation of global nomads who hop from city to city and country to country, to find company and continue their hobbies. For an extrovert this might not be a problem but for an introvert to find a partner, and then mustering up all..

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In today's fast paced world, people fail to understand the depth and answer the questions about life. To help us through this, eGanesha steps in as the repository of answers to all the questions in our lives. It's a comprehensive online platform that helps us understand and assimilate spiritual teachings and apply them to our..

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Corporate Website

Foxpers is a company which uses high-end technologies efficiently to add new zeal in users’ life. They believe in filling the existing gaps of the world using the power of technology . Using the muscle of Internet of Things (IoT), they want to make the world simpler, better and unify it with a stronger connection.

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