Harnessing the Power of AI to Beat COVID-19

Artificial intelligence has a crucial part to play in each stage of the COVID-19 pandemic, from predicting the spread of the outbreak to powering robots to alleviate the aftermath.

From Sales, logistics, cash-flow forecasting to medical supply; AI has solutions for every industrial sector and can enable businesses to cope up effectively in the Covid-19 struck era.

Let’s have a quick glance at the plethora of roles played by AI in the fight against COVID-19.

AI Applications Predicting Outbreaks & Controlling Spread

With the assistance of machine learning, A.I. – powered algorithm & natural-language processing, the spread of several life-threatening diseases can be traced and analyzed. Contact Tracing can also be automated by creating a database of public facial recognition, personal details about their whereabouts and interactions, phone numbers etc.

AI-based chatbots & robotics will help reduce the burden on healthcare personnel, administration, and staff. They can also be deployed in rural areas for testing the masses and preventing the spread.

Role of AI in Medical Diagnosis, Drug Discovery and Development

“Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms allow us to diagnose and customize medical care and follow-up plans to get better results,” says Ángel Díez, CEO of Ubikare.

Artificial technology has proved to be a boon during the time of crisis and its advancements such as speech recognition, deep learning, machine learning, facial recognition, and chatbots can not only be used for medical diagnosis but also for contact tracing and vaccine development. With the help of AI, the worst effects of COVID-19 can be curbed.  

For example, with optimum use of the A.I. system – Insilico Medicine (one of the Longevity Vision Fund’s portfolio companies) successfully identified molecules for potential medications.

Assistance of AI in Nurturing Food Supply Chains and Sterilizing Food Supplies

Fatalities caused by outbreaks such as COVID-19 can be easily minimized with the help of Robots. They are engineered to manage crises and keep the food supplies in check. Moreover, they can assist in processes such as cleaning and sterilizing food, reducing human-to-human contact, etc.

One great example is that of Blue Ocean Robotics UVD robots who can easily combat bacteria and viruses.

AI Aids in Forecasting Cash-Flow for Life Sustenance

It is highly likely that revenue streams might run dry in the coming months. AI can help in alleviating the situation by analyzing data for meeting the goal of cash-flow forecasting. To achieve that, it is fundamental that we create models with the right data period set in the current environment. We must revisit the past recessions and gather insightful information for the present situation.

Make the Best of what we Have:

We cannot predict our fortune but we can definitely do what we have been doing for ages: evolving and adapting as the situation demands. We must do everything in our capacity to chalk our way out of the dark to brighter and more promising times. With AI by our side, we will be able to drive businesses to desired growth levels.

14 Jul, 20 By Naveen Kolhapur
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